Suitable for heating, transfer and containing of different products. They can be equipped with accessories such as: agitator, tilting-mechanism, insulation and level-control.

Our products divide in:

Electric and pneumatic trnasferring tanks

Heated tanks with/without agitator

Heaters and agitators for paint tanks

Standard heated and palletized tanks – Mod. T-RI.CO.

The application fields of UNICA CE products include:

  • Stock and transfer of chemical products
  • Heating of glues
  • Heating and stirring of resins
  • Heating of food products

Heating electric groups

The UNICA CE electric groups heat diathermic oil or forced-circulation water.

We produce heating electric groups for tanks and cooling for tanks.

Construction materials upon customer’s request.

Models from 6 to 150 kW

Electric execution: sealed or ATEX II 2 G.

ATEX and pneumatic electric equipment

Heaters, level controls, pressure controls, armored heaters, convectors.

UNICA CE designs and produces ATEX equipment for zone 1 and dust:

Electric Heaters

ATEX electric case

Level controls

Heating cables

Pneumatic pressure switches

ATEX convectors


Electric execution: sealed or ATEX II 2G.

Heat exchangers

Heat exchangers

We build. upon customer specifications, heat exchangers in combination with electric heaters of any dimension and power.

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