Immersion heat exchangers


Immersion heat exchangers are electric heaters installed on board of a pressurized cyclindric container. They are produced in order to satisfy the most diverse industrial applications in the sector of liquid fluid heating, such as: water-based solutions and/or oily emulsions (different concentrations of water or oil). The heater typolgy guarantees high-level performance and efficiency concerning the temperature maintenance of big volumes of gaseous fluids in forced circulation. The heating elements which compose the tube bundle can mainly have a twisted shape, an eyelet shape or a U shape.

This kind of heaters is designed for horizontal and vertical installation, both for the direct heating of fluid liquids in forced circulation and for the indirect heating of fluids which are destined to the most different applications in the main industrial sectors.

The heat exchange is guaranteed thanks to the use of properly designed separators (usually diaphragms at 50% or 75% or laser cut separators) in order to take full advantage of the heat produced by the electric heaters and have a reduced low load loss (expressed in mm of water columns – mmH2O).

The usage of quality materials inside the production cycle allows our electric heaters to reach high operating tempratures for a medium-long useful operating life. The tube bundle, fpr example, can be produced in carbon steel, AISI304, AISI321, AISI316L S.S., Incoloy800, Incoloy825 and Inconel stainless/inox steel.

UNICA CE designs heat exchangers with a length up to 3mts and a diameter up to 600mm.

We can do the insulation in spun glass or rockwool in any thickness and external finish.

UNICA heat exchangers can be paired with an electric heater already possessed by the customer or with a custom-made heater from our production (for waterproof or ATEX performance).

Application fields

  • Heating of fluids (water, oil, diathermic oil, glycol) in forced convection in safe atmosphere
  • Cogeneration plants
  • Indirect heating or preheating of industrially processed fluids inside stocking tanks (petrochemical industry, chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry…)
  • Process heaters for: plants for the heat treatment of food, thermal power plants for the production of vapor for the production of energy
  • Heating of oil in forced circulation for industries which produce plastic materials, for the shipbuilding industry¬† and for the aerospace industry
  • Heating of water in forced circulation for plants for the treatment of water and separation of waste substances