Diathermic oil heating electric groups

centraline, elettriche, olio, diatermico

Oil heating groups Mod. RO

The heating electric groups are specifically designed for a controlled and homogeneous heating of diathermic oil.

Made up of one or more armored electric heaters immersed in diathermic oil, they keep the oil moving thanks to a pump in forced circulation which is managed by a temperature control unit of the fluid.

By doing so, they avoid the risk of an accidental rise of the temperature to the critical overheating temperature.

The maintaining of a constant temperature is obtained thanks to the interaction between a dilating thermostat and a PT100 tube which transmits a signal (in mA) to a thermoregulator. In case of a failure of the controlling thermostat, a safety thermostat with manual restart is activated immediately interrupting the power supply of the control unit.

The diathermic oil from the heating unit is transferred to an industrial process (for example the heating of a tank).

  • 4 modular electric heaters
  • Overall power up to 36kW
  • Multifunction electric panel, that can be equipped according to necessities
  • Optional PLC



Application fields:

  • Processing of raw materials
  • Heating of tanks
  • Serigraph industry
  • Processing of resins and plastic materials
  • Processing of paints and solvents
  • Furniture  industry
  • Cosmetic industry
  • Food industry