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The companuy was born in 1986 thanks to the intuition of Eng. Ruggero Broglio who kept transmitting his passion for the job until 2015. With great pride and humility, we are pursuing his projects and his work, with love and diligence, just like he asked us.

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O studianti, studiate le matematiche, e non edificate sanza fondamenti.

Leonardo Da Vinci

UNICA CE is amongst the leading companies in the supply of ATEX certified equipment for zone 1 and dust.

Our success is the result of innovative technologies, advanced engineering and excellent execution guaranteed by carrying out the entire production cycle internally. One of our strong points are the ATEX heaters, thanks to which we are known in by the producers of solvent recovery systems.

Thanks to more than 30 years of experience, we manufacture equipment, from our catalogue or customized, which is suitable explosive environments.

The need to design and manufacture equipment that is suitable for working in the ATEX area, combined with our long experience, allows us to consider any specific customer request, and to produce tools which are suitable for the cusotmer’s needs and often difficult to find on the market.

We build, according to customer specifications, heated tanks, heated and stirred tanks, ATEX convector heaters, and ATEX heaters.

The resulting strengths are the organizational versatility and the ability to face and solve any problem, paying particular attention to the regulations in force.

Our experience allows us to estimate and implement any project quickly, respecting the delivery dates agreed with the customer.

Our electrically heated tanks are known to be highly reliable and long-lasting, therefore being suitable for the majority of the industrial sectors.

The Company


The company has been specialized in the construction of internationally certified ATEX components for over a decade.

Over time we have developed experience ad competence and we have acquired a project and productive know-how which allows us to efficiently satisfy the enquires of our most demanding clients.

The reuests we receive mainly focus on specific needs of the client. We pay meticulous attention to these enquires both in terms of quality, efficiency and safety.

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… there would be at least 100 reasons to pick us, but we will summarize a few:

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